Welcome from Veterans Services

Dear Veteran or active military students:

It is a privilege and an honor to welcome you to Pasadena City College. We at PCC are so very proud of the service and dedication you have shown on behalf of our country and we are excited at the opportunity to have you join our campus family. We recognize the sacrifices you have made for our country and want to do everything we can to help you find success here at PCC.

I am Patricia D’Orange-Martin, Coordinator of the Veterans Resource Center & Veterans Programs. The PCC Veterans Resource Center (VRC) is dedicated to educational excellence, we are committed to serving the whole person, and our passionate faculty and staff are set to serve you and to welcome the unique talents and gifts you will bring to our institution. We stand ready to help you transition from a life of serving our country to a life as a student on our campus. G.I. Jobs magazine has named PCC a military friendly school, placing us in the top 15% of colleges, universities and trade schools in the country in working with veterans. The Veterans Resource Center aims to facilitate your success by providing support, resources and information that meet your unique needs as a veteran and a student.

PCC offers a “Boots to Books” class, Counseling 12, a class that will help you make the transition from soldier to student. The class helps you chart your educational goals and shows you how to get there. We also have a Veterans Club that meets once a week. They have a variety of activities and helpful workshops. It’s also a time to meet with other veterans for fellowship and support.

Again, it is with great pride and pleasure that I welcome you to our institution. Welcome to the PCC family, and I look forward to celebrating your success!

Patricia D’Orange-Martin | M.S. Coordinator VRC & Veterans Programs


Welcome from the Vets Club Advisor

“At Ease.”

That command, so familiar to anyone in the military, may symbolize our goal for you here at Pasadena City College (PCC). Coming to college after a long break from civilian society and education can cause some anxiety and self-doubt. Many ask themselves questions such as “Am I college material?” or “Will I fit in?” or “Will I fail?” These questions are natural, and our collective answer is: You ARE college material. We’ll help you adjust to being a college student, and we WILL NOT let you fail. Through the Veterans Club and the Veterans Resource Center, we’ll put you in touch with people not too different than yourself that you can feel comfortable with. Our counselors, learning centers, tutors, and the “Boots to Books” class, will equip you so that you can accomplish your new mission as a student. Change is seldom without difficulty. How easy was it becoming a sailor, airman, soldier, or marine? Lot of anxiety! Lot of self-doubt! But, with determination and hard work, you made it happen. And by similarly applying yourself here, you will succeed.

As a veteran, the advisor to the Veterans Club, and the ‘Boots to Books’ professor, I look forward to meeting you and helping you in any way I can, so that while you’re here you can be “at ease.”

Harold “Doc” Martin | PCC Veterans Club Advisor